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Embody the JourneyDance™ Flow

Credit hours: 135

Typical time to complete: 1-4 months

Level: JourneyDance™ Apprentice
For everyone.

Dates: 0ctober 10th – 15th 2017 (Training begins 7:00 p.m.)

Your journey begins with a 5-day intensive with the senior training staff Joan White-Hansen and Rodrigo González. As you embody the flow of JourneyDance™ you’ll learn to use your unique voice, empowered leadership and embodied expression to guide others in finding their voice and power through the creative process of JourneyDance.

Current research shows the positive impact of movement, dance, music, and ritual on the body-mind-spirit connection and the nervous system.
Module 1 offers a deep immersion in embodiment practices and includes:

• The JourneyDance flow
• Classic structure, movement imagery, process, and rituals
• Vocal techniques for expression, empowerment, and leadership
• Music as a tool for transformation.

At this level it’s all about exploring your experience through the evocative and emotional cleansing process that you’ll eventually bring to others. Prepare yourself to lead safe, powerful, and popular JourneyDances by first experiencing the work yourself.

Upon completion of Module 1, you have the foundational training and provisional qualification as a JourneyDance Apprentice. You’ll get 35 training hours upon completion of the live intensive, and receive your Apprentice certification, as well as be invited to Level 2 training.

Prior to enrollment in Level 2 training, rising facilitators intending to certify are required to complete 100 hours of personal practice. Broadly defined, your personal practice may include other dance classes & forms, embodying activities, yoga practice, reading, journaling, meditation, art – whatever gets you moving, expressing, reflecting, and exploring.

As part of your coursework, you’ll also lead 4-8 practice JourneyDance™ classes. As a Module 1 graduate, you will have exclusive access to the private JourneyDance™ Facebook community group, with unlimited company support.

Please Note: Module 2 qualifies you as a JourneyDance Guide to teach public classes, and after Module 3, you are fully certified as a JourneyDance Transformational Movement Facilitator.

Fee: $700, $650 early registration




Joni White-Hansen

Joni White-Hansen

Rodrigo González Zozaya

Rodrigo Gonzälez Zozaya

 Food and Accomodation: 75 dollars per day aprox. Hotel best option (Click here) 10 min. walk to the studio.

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